White Boar 2010


We recorded just about average annual rainfall over the year, which resulted in healthy crops of Shiraz and Cabernet. Unseasonably warm November weather interfered with the chardonnay during flowering and has resulted in small crops of this variety. The weather then remained almost perfect for the rest of vintage. The general consensus amongst winemakers in the Vale is that 2010 marks an exceptional year for both red and white wines.


White Boar is our tilt at producing an Amarone style red wine. Amarone is made in Italy using indigenous grape varieties. The grapes are harvested when ripe and dried on racks for several weeks before fermentation, making a rich, characterful wine.

We have adapted the theory by actually drying our Shiraz and Cabernet grapes on the vine (after cutting the cordon) to achieve the same effect, but with more risk! Shiraz and Cabernet had their canes cut and were left to dry on the vines for approximately 12-14 days. The drying process concentrates flavour, sugar and acid.

Grapes were then hand-picked and fermented in old oak. These vine-dried concentrated wines are made as a blending component for the single vineyard Battle of Bosworth red wines. In 2010 we had enough left over to bottle a small volume of the White Boar.

Tasting Notes

You will find star anise and other spice on the nose, as well as plums and red fruit. The palate is soft and grainy with excellent fruit tannin length. The wine is very, very long and very, very persistent. Cellaring potential? Years, Joch says. White Boar can be successfully served with hearty winter tucker; rich beef casseroles, osso bucco, or simply pour a glass and consume sitting next to the fire with a cheese platter.

Technical Details

Picking Date11th March 20120
pH Level3.61
Total Acidity6.95
Bottling Date22nd November 2011

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