The aim is to produce balanced and flavoursome single vineyard wines that best express the qualities and characteristics of the site, in a wine style that we, and hopefully others, enjoy drinking. Battle of Bosworth makes a Chardonnay Viognier blend, a Sauvignon Blanc, a dry Cabernet Rosé, a Shiraz, Shiraz Viognier blend and a Cabernet Sauvignon as well as a very limited volume of our Amarone inspired White Boar Shiraz.

As organic producers we can’t use blending components from other vineyards, or indeed other regions, even if we wanted to. We have to create our own blending components in the vineyard and winery in various ways to add complexity to our wines. All of the red wines under our Battle of Bosworth label are Vegan Friendly.

Joch constantly experiments in the vineyard using different regimes: pruning, trellising, water regulation, crop thinning and other techniques, which, if they prove effective, are adopted. The use of cordon-cut Amarone style grapes in the red wines has come about as the result of one such trial. We experiment in the winery by manipulating fermentation time, fermentation temperature, the type of oak used, the time spent in oak, time on lees and a host of other processes, to best achieve the desired Battle of Bosworth style.

This constant spirit of experimentation in the vineyard and winery, along with traditional vinification and natural minimal processing, combined with organic and sustainable viticulture allows us to capture the purity, integrity, texture and flavour of the vineyard in our wines.