White Boar bottle image
White Boar bottle image

White Boar 2006

Tasting Notes

With an extraordinarily complex nose of soil, fresh meat, macerated black fruit, fruit cake, rum and raisin and chocolate (to name but a few), the White Boar’s palate shows off a similar array of flavours. The wine has a full palate; smooth, long, with soft tannins, balanced and incredibly approachable.

Terrific winter and spring rains resulted in the growth of big vine canopies, which were more than able to protect the grapes from the spike in heat that occurred in late January. The post January ripening conditions were almost ideal, with lower than average temperatures and no rain whatsoever.

Though inspired by the ‘Amarone’ wines from Valpolicella, ‘White Boar’ is a different beast altogether. Rather than harvesting the grapes and drying them on racks, the canes are cut once the desired flavour spectrum has developed, which allows the fruit to dry and then raisin on the vine. After approximately two weeks of this process, the grapes are hand picked before being gently guided through a slow fermentation. These vine concentrated wines are made as a blending component for the single vineyard Battle of Bosworth red wines, but fortunately in 2006 we had enough for this very small bottling of the ‘White Boar.’

Technical Details

Picking Date: 5th April 2006

pH Level: 3.7

Total Acidity: 5.22g/L

Alc/Vol: 15.0%

Bottling Date: 9th March 2008