White Boar 2009


A very dry winter was followed by a hot January which segued into a dry, mild conclusion to vintage. Small crops of both whites and reds were the result of dry conditions in winter and the preceding 3-4 years. In the case of the red varieties, the longer you waited for them the better they got.


Amarone from the viticultural zone of Valpollicella is made using 3-4 different grape varieties which are indigenous to the region. The wine style results from fermenting the grapes after being picked and dried on racks. Historically the grapes were dried over winter in the eaves of houses and then fermented the following spring. It is to this wine we owe our creative inspiration for the White Boar. When Joch deemed our Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes to be flavour ripe, their canes were cut and they were left to dry on the vines for approximately 12 days. The grapes were then hand-picked before undergoing a very slow and torturous fermentation in old oak. The drying process concentrates flavour, sugar and acid. These vine concentrated wines are made as a blending component for the single vineyard Battle of Bosworth red wines. In 2009 we had enough left over to bottle a small volume of the White Boar.

Tasting Notes

We had a special guest present when preparing this tasting note, Berenice Axisa (@BereniceAxisa) who was part of the James Busby Wine tour (www.jamesbusbytravel.co.uk and @jamesbusbytrav) out of the UK. Berenice was passing through McLaren Vale and came for dinner and so was immediately put to work. Joch’s commentsa dark red and black fruits nose with a whiff of marshmallow flower as well as a touch of chorizo and if you concentrate really hard, even a scent of old Jamaica. The red and black fruits on the palate continues this theme. The significant weight of the wine is driven almost entirely by fruit tannins, which are supple, tactile and persistent.’ Berenice has this to say about the wine deep ruby in colour, with blueberry and spiced perfumed notes on the nose, red currant and hints of mocha. Supple fruit on the mid palate is supported by good black fruit characters on the palate...long and smooth

Technical Details

Picking Date11th, 18th and 31st March 2009
pH Level3.52
Total Acidity6.95g/L
Bottling Date25th October 2010

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