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Northern Exposure

Early Saturday morning Joch welcomed the entire cast of The Wine Tradition and Cuttings Wine from Brisbane in Queensland. These guys (and one gal) sell both Battle of Bosworth and Spring Seed Wines into the Sunshine State, and do a wonderful job. Front men David Sanders (ex 80’s SANFL player, can’t remember what team but he was very good apparently) and Tod Williams were there as was Mel Thomson, legendary Queensland wine industry man along with youthful (and taller than I remember – lifts?) David Bone, front man of Cuttings Wine. Joch did a tasting of all wines current and upcoming, showing some tank samples and a couple of special projects. Piglet the kitten was also present and correct without being especially helpful.

Joch took everyone (12 at last count) on a tour of the vineyards before Louise dispensed yummy Panini du jour and coffee from 3 Monkeys in Willunga as fortification for their trip down to Coonawarra, packed like sardines into a very cosy Hiace van. We tried to send them the scenic route via the Wellington ferry and down the Coorong to Robe and then back inland, but in their vehicle this might have taken 8 hours. We did hear unconfirmed reports of a brawl at a bikie pub in Robe involving a small van and a load of blokes and one Sheila, but nothing since. Cheers TWT and Cuttings and keep up the good work of getting BoB and Spring Seed out to the discerning punters.