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Last Orders at The Bar Please Gents or Let’s get that Petit Verdot Off

Finally it’s all over – Joch and the youthful Ledgard mafia (Reece and Clint) picked the Hill Petit Verdot yesterday on a glorious McLaren Vale Autumn day (21 deg C) and finally put the picking part of harvest behind us until next year. Now a bit of crushing, fermenting, pressing off to barrel and all the wines will be in and safe.

Next stage of vineyard/ winemaking/ sales/ promotion will be a little light disking by Joch, followed by him packing his bags and heading off to promote the Battle of Bosworth and Spring Seed Wines into our newest market, Vietnam. He will be doing a series of dinners and tastings in some amazing 5 star resorts. Not sure I allocated the jobs correctly in this case.

The sum total of my sales and promotion activity will be a Friday night tasting at the Icons of South Australia store at Adelaide airport on Friday the 21st May. Our importer in Vietnam, Alex, emailed me to ask if after his work duties are over, whether Joch would need a couple of days of R and R at one of the fancy resorts….no, I said, he will not Alex. Make him work, in fact, make him work hard, I said Alex, because at the end of May he will be heading to some remote Indonesian island for TWO WEEKS on a two week surfing safari boys holiday. I think the sales and marketing manager has gone soft in her old age.