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A Bright Idea for a New Wine Label Or Has This Been Done Before?

I can’t remember or has there been negative talk about critter wines recently? Anyway I was racing down the driveway trying to get the eldest to school on time when a mob of kangaroos burst out of the Road Block Tahbilk clone Shiraz right in front of us and scarpered away across the road to the McDonald’s Shiraz next door. You actually have to look quite carefully to spot the hopping critter.

Could very easily have been roo in a plum sauce on the menu tonight/ large repair bill on my car. We sometimes see the odd stray roo loose in the Hill Shiraz (which is further up towards the house than these shots) but to see the 5 or 6 that we saw today is rare.

I have also added a shot of the Bosworth Road Block Shiraz – see above – (planted 1985) showing the soursobs beginning to stir. In a month’s time there will be a veritable carpet of these eye-achingly day-glo yellow flowers. The soursob is the ‘pretty yellow flower’ – or a massive weed, depending on if you are a gardener or not, which features on our Battle of Bosworth labels. Their super aggressive growing activities help us contain other weeds in our organic vineyards.