Touriga Nacional 2019


We had good spring rains but lower summer rainfall than we usually receive in McLaren Vale. As a result of this dry growing period, disease pressure was low (no mildews!) although we had a couple of heat spikes in late January and some hot days in February which resulted in reduced crops compared to 2018 (down by up to 30% depending on variety).  Whites were picked early in February and picking of the reds started at the beginning of March and was largely all over by the end of the month. Quality is terrific however, and we have great hopes for the reds from 2019.


We pick this Portuguese variety nice and early when we make it to be a table wine (we let it get a lot riper when we are making a vintage port) so we get the beautiful floral characters that Touriga exhibits at a lower beaumé (sugar level). The grapes are crushed and then fermented in small open vessels. The juice is pumped over the skins twice daily and once the wine has finished ferment it is matured gently in stainless steel tanks – we don’t put the Touriga in oak, as we are trying to make a bright fresh medium-bodied wine from which the fruit characters shine forth.

Tasting Notes

Bright fresh juicy wine, with red fruits and intensely floral. The 2019 Touriga is medium-weight, with juicy acidity and a long cherry finish.


Technical Details

Picking Date26th February 2019
Bottling Date12th December 2019


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