Touriga Nacional 2015



We had a very early start to vintage in 2015, with generally mild conditions throughout. We had only a handful of hot days, which allowed natural acids to develop nicely. This was a very short, sharp vintage, with most winemakers finishing their vintage well before Easter.  Yields were down, somewhere between 10 and 30% depending on variety.  Joch’s take on the whole affair? ‘Fast, early and pretty’.



We have been growing this Portuguese variety for a number of years now. It was grafted onto some 25 year old Shiraz vines. Traditionally the variety is used to make vintage fortified Ports, although has been used more and more to make mid-weight dry red wines over there. We crushed the grapes and fermented them in small open fermenters. We didn’t use any oak in the making of this wine (as opposed to the inaugural 2014 vintage) as we want to capture and show off the lovely florals which are characteristic of the variety. We bottled the Touriga relatively early, too.

Tasting Notes

Following on from our first Touriga (the 2014), this wine is a lovely middle-weight wine with lifted red fruit and bergamot aromatics which jump out of the glass at you. It has fine even tannins, with red fruits, and hints on black fruits on the palate. The wine did not spend any time in oak at all, so all of the tannin is skin derived. Serve with Portuguese chicken and cucumber, fennel and avocado salad as suggested by The Australia’s Weekend Magazine’s chef, David Herbert. Wine man Max Allen recommended this dish be matched with our 2014 Touriga, but I think the 2015 Touriga will do the job just as well.

Technical Details

Picking Date21st February 2015
Bottling Date17th November 2015

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