Chardonnay bottle image
Chardonnay bottle image

Chardonnay 2020

Tasting Notes

The Bosworth Chardonnay is never short on flavour – ours is a stone fruit, cashew style of Chard which is framed within the super French oak we use (about 30% new oak), and all the better for it we think. We don’t allow the wine to go through Malolactic fermentation (we don’t want a buttery style of Chardonnay) so the wine retains a crisp acidity.

I asked Joch to give me his vintage report for 2020 and this is what I got verbatim and straight from the horse’s mouth; ‘Looked like a bastard of a year; hot and dry and then it rained in late January and early February and a cool change moved in, which continued through to February and March and these conditions finished everything off nicely. There were tiny yields and so in reality 2020 ended up only a bitch of a year, not a bastard.

We ferment and mature the Bosworth Chardonnay in small French oak barrels. Ergo, it is a proper Chardonnay, not one of this wannabe Chardonnays with no oak (see Spring Seed Wine Co ‘Four o’clock’ Chardonnay 😊). We allow the fermentation process to begin naturally, but stop the wine going through malolactic fermentation because we don’t want to lose the crisp natural acidity. The wine spends about 6 months in oak before bottling.

Technical Details

Vineyards: Denton's

Picking Date: 17th, 19th and 27th February 2020

Alc/Vol: 13.0%

Bottling Date: 7th September 2020