Chardonnay 2010


We recorded just about average annual rainfall over the year, which resulted in healthy crops of Shiraz and Cabernet. Unseasonably warm November weather interfered with the Chardonnay during flowering and has resulted in small crops of this variety. The weather then remained almost perfect for the rest of vintage. The general consensus amongst winemakers in the Vale is that 2010 marks an exceptional year for both red and white wines.


This wine is the equivalent of Joch’s favourite child; it got everything it wanted in terms of winemaking toys. The grapes were pressed straight to the best French barriques (225 litre barrels, of which 50% were brand spanking new) where it underwent 100% wild ferment (that is we relied on the action of natural indigenous yeasts present on the skins to start fermentation). The wine remained on high solids,and there was a little battonage (stirring of the lees when the wine was fermenting in the barrel to add texture and complexity). The wine was bottled straight from barrel into handsome imported French Saverglass ‘Bourgogne’ bottles. Whatever you want darling.

Tasting Notes

The wine has a hint of ‘struck match’ and citrus on the nose, and tree fruit and citrus on the palate along with long, fine acid length and exceptionally well integrated oak.

Technical Details

Picking Date5 Feb 2010
pH Level3.37
Total Acidity7.31 g/L
Bottling Date8 Nov 2010

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