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New 2011 Battle of Bosworth Pinot Noir now available

We have something new at Battle of Bosworth cellar door…. the 2011 Battle of Bosworth Pinot Noir was released on Tuesday for tasting (and sales, if you like it). Made using grapes from our own 25 year old vines, Joch decided there was space for another wine in the line-up, and especially for this fragrant, strawberry-nosed, middleweight lovely.

About 30% of the grapes underwent ‘carbonic maceration’ which is a process where the grape ferments from the inside, in a carbon dioxide rich environment (hence the plastic bag which was tied up when it was filled). This process is often used in Beaujolais to make Gamay, and helps make a fruity wine with low tannins.

Organically grown and certified of course, from our Braden’s vineyard. I seem to remember I was driving past the vineyard when it was being picked last year, and got some photos which I dug out.