'Puritan' Shiraz  {no added preservative} bottle image
'Puritan' Shiraz {no added preservative} bottle image

‘Puritan’ Shiraz {no added preservative} 2023

Tasting Notes

Brilliant colour; spicy red and blue fruits leaping out of the glass, it is such incredibly vibrant wine. On the palate, fresh red and blue fruits wrapped in a lively medium bodied structure. Drink whenever you want to – Puritan has been designed to drink young and fresh. Twist off the cap, pour and enjoy. If it is hot and you don’t want any more white wine, put Puritan in the fridge for about 30 minutes and enjoy it lightly chilled. This is a terrific pizza wine.

Vegan Friendly


We had a very wet winter (between June and September) and a cool wet spring, which tested the mettle of our in-house viticulturist/ vigneron, AKA Joch. As a result of these trying conditions, vintage started later than in previous years (we picked Chardonnay on the 15th February in #v2023) and we had much smaller volumes than in 2022 or 2021. We had a few warm days in January and February and picked the whites quite quickly, then about 10mm of rain in early March which settled the dust and stopped picking for a little while. Despite the smaller vintage, the quality of grapes was excellent across both red and white varieties.

We have been making this young, fresh exuberant style of Shiraz for well over a decade now – the first version of Puritan was made way back in 2010. The aim has always to be make a delicious early-drinking un-oaked Shiraz with no added preservatives (Sulphur Dioxide) and we have nailed it once again. We pick Shiraz from various blocks (see below) when they are flavour and sugar ripe and crush and ferment them in small open vessels. Once through ferment they go into tanks where we wait for the various components to go through ‘malo’ (malolactic fermentation) before bottling.


Technical Details

Vineyards: Grange (Hill Shiraz), Edgehill, Dentons, Braden’s, Chanticleer and the Winery Block

Picking Date: 17th, 20thth, 23rd and 29th March 2023 and 4th April 2023

Alc/Vol: 14.5%

Bottling Date: 17th July 2023