Sauvignon Blanc 2010


We recorded just about average annual rainfall over the year, which resulted in healthy crops of Shiraz and Cabernet. Unseasonably warm November weather interfered with the Chardonnay during flowering and has resulted in small crops of this variety. The weather then remained almost perfect for the rest of vintage. The general consensus amongst winemakers in the Vale is that 2010 marks an exceptional year for both red and white


Grapes were picked early at just on 11° Beaumé to help preserve freshness, then gently pressed and then taken through a slow, cool ferment in stainless steel tanks. In order to help us retain the delicate characters of the grapes in the final wine, we allowed the wine an extended period of time on its lees, which adds palate weight and complexity.

Tasting Notes

Keywords for this wine? Nettles and lime. A crisp, delicate and fresh palate finishes with a long, limey finish. A pretty tidy wine we think. Drink with some oysters or chevre cheese or maybe some pan-fried fish with lemon butter. Or simply enjoy as an aperitif.

Technical Details

Picking Date2nd and 5th Feb 2010
pH Level3.24
Total Acidity6.95
Bottling Date1st Nov 2011

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