Pinot Noir 2020


I asked Joch to give me his vintage report for 2020 and this is what I got verbatim and straight from the horse’s mouth; ‘Looked like a bastard of a year; hot and dry and then it rained in late January and early February and a cool change moved in, which continued through to February and March and these conditions finished everything off nicely. There were tiny yields and so in reality 2020 ended up only a bitch of a year, not a bastard.


With the Bosworth Pinot Noir we are aiming for a fresh bright light and varietal take on Pinot Noir – a light luncheon wine, if you will. Style wise this wine is more Beaujolais than Burgundy (although obviously Beaujolais is made using Gamay, to confuse the issue!)

We pick the Pinot a little leaner (this means we pick it a little earlier, so with a little less sugar) and we ferment about 30% of the grapes anaerobically in old apple bins (carbonic maceration) which helps soften the tannins. The wine spends about 6 months in older oak. It’s a lovely light vibrant style.

Tasting Notes

Our Pinot Noir is very true to variety on the nose; bright and fresh (think strawberries) rather than forest floor, which is a characteristic of more complex, funky styles of Pinot Noir from more traditional Pinot Regions.

The palate is all silk, with a little spice and with buckets of red fruit characters enveloped in gentle tannins; a gentle hand in a velvet glove, there’s no iron fist here. A delicious wine and can be chilled on a warm summers day if you’ve had enough white wine.

Technical Details

VineyardsBraden's and Cox
Picking Date13th and 21st February 2020
Bottling Date12th August 2020

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