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Return of the Sweet White Duke… of Clarence

In another news (and apologies to the late David Bowie’s Thin White Duke) I can announce the imminent return of the Battle of Bosworth ‘Clarence’ Sticky Semillon from the 2017 vintage. After a break of some 6 years, conditions were right in 2017 for a return of this 375ml bottle of sweet deliciousness.

Here’s a bottle shot of the 2011 just to remind you of what it looks like.

The Duke of Clarence for those with a passing interest in history will know was Richard III’s brother who was killed in the Tower of London in 1478. There are a couple of stories to explain his demise. One is that he was executed for treachery against his brother, Edward IV, and drowned in a vat of Malmsey (sweet) wine. Shakespeare has it that he was killed by Richard as part of  power struggle – it can be argued that this version helped Shakespeare’s plot lines a fair bit.

Either way, ‘Clarence’ will be returning  to the Bosworth stable very soon. Happy end of financial year to you all!