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Bosworth wine dinner at the 3 Weeds, Rozelle NSW

If you’d like to catch a sighting of the big man (Joch) in the flesh, you could do worse than buy yourself a ticket to the Battle of Bosworth wine dinner at the 3 Weeds Hotel in Rozelle, NSW on Thursday 27th July, 2017.

You will get 4 courses and 6 wines for $130.00 per head, or $110.00 per head if you are a friend of the 3 Weeds. The menu looks amazing….see below. (I think they mean the new Spring Seed ‘Wanderer’ Sparkling Red for the first wine on arrival)

You can book online here or go old fashioned and ring them to make your bookings – which are of course essential! Alternatively make a reservation by ringing 02 9818 2788 or email them here.

I think it will be a terrific night.