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Kangaroo Island Dreaming

Nothing stays the same it seems – we are in the middle of building a cellar door on our Springs Road Vineyard in the Menzies locality of Kangaroo Island (about 10 minutes from Kingscote). We will be releasing wines from the vineyard later this year once the cellar door is finished. How exciting! How on earth will we manage the cellar door in McLaren Vale AND the new one on KI?!

We are not sure at this stage.  The build has been done by locals K and J Barker Construction (‘Kiwi Kev’). Kevin and wife Jane are based about 3 driveways down from Battle of Bosworth on Gaffney Road. We do like to shop local. The cellar door takes in a view of Nepean bay and the property which is stocked with sheep owned by former owner Roger. Roger is proprietor of Roger’s Deli in Kingscote, as an aside.

We are in the midst of arguing over the name of the KI wine brand, the design of the label and all of those associated design type decisions which then go on to influence all different things – what the vineyard signage looks like, what the website will look like, what the decor of the cellar door will look like, even down to what our stationary will look like. Important stuff.

Joch did bring some samples of the 2017 KI Shiraz and Cabernet and the blend (a Shiraz Cab) to the house the other night and they tasted wonderful; intense, varietal and quite delicious. There will also be a KI Chardonnay (if we manage to pick it before the crows get to it) and some single block Shiraz too. The vineyard is not yet organic, but will be, only this time we won’t be relying on the humble soursob to keep the weeds at bay, but Roger’s sheep! Same outcome, different methods.

More news as it filters in. The main one we need to get nailed is the NAME! And BTW the sausage dog insisted I put the cartoon of her in this post there because she is very demanding. No changes there then.