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Changing Guard at Battle of Bosworth

Joch and I feel a little bit like Christopher Robin and Alice, sort of, in that there has been a changing of the guard here at Buckingham Palace, AKA Bosworth HQ. We have a new winemaker, Kirk McDonald who started here just this week. He has come down from the wild north of the Clare Valley. No more Riesling making for you Kirk, you’re not in Kansas anymore.

And on the cellar door front, we have managed to lure Jane Arnold away from her one day a week at Wirra Wirra (sorry Wirra!) and ply her trade her more permanently here at Battle of Bosworth! She has some tricks up her sleeve which made her very appealing to us Bosworthers. First and foremost, she can play the piano accordion.

An essential skill for cellar door, we felt. She also makes fabulous cheese under the Second Valley Cheese label. We are hoping to get a little fridge and sell some of it here at cellar door. She has has been working here prior to her elevation to Cellar door supremo. She knows the pitfalls. Jane also knows her way around a winery as she was lab lady at Hardy’s Tintara for years,  as well as at Wirra. Watch out Jane you don’t get lured into the winery over vintage.

Then in the back end of the sleek, lithe operation that is Battle of Bosworth comes Hannah Matthews who has joined the team as book keeper. I did steal this photo of her ploughing through mud from her Facebook page, and as I couldn’t find my glasses, I couldn’t quite tell if it was her or not. I hope it is, because this is how Hannah is going to be at credit control! A tough mudda :)

Less changing of the guard and more coming of age, in exciting news we can report that the Bosworth children are finally earning their keep (although some of the folding stuff did change hands during this exercise) in the Battle of Bosworth business. They carefully applied fiddly overstickers to some wine destined for the German Market. Exciting on many fronts! Thanks kids, and also to Emma’s boys who also helped out.

That’s enough guard changing for us.