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2012 Wrap-up

The prospect of harvest – or vintage – is slowly but surely rearing its head. Vintage for us here at Battle of Bosworth means Joch and the boys putting some serious hours into picking our grapes. We harvest the white varieties at night so we can deliver them to the winery in the cool of the morning. Reds are more robust (and harvested later on in March or April – depending on the season) and can handle day time picking. We have a busy time ahead. The trusty UR harvester has been pulled out of the shed for it’s annual rub down prior to the vintage frenzy.


I am heading to the UK for our UK importers annual tasting in London on the 6th February, which means rifling through the cupboards for last year’s winter woollies. Bibendum’s ‘A Matter of Taste’ annual tasting promises to be a huge event. Last year I think there were over 3000 customers who attended and I was busy for every second of the very long day. 

We had a fun night at Apothecary 1878 for the ‘Sips and the City’ ladies night the other week. Sue Bell, Karina Dambergs, Brioni Oliver and I frocked up and showed off our wines under the watchful eye of Amanda James-Pritchard the PR supremo from Kooki Etc. Sue Bell’s shoes were unanimously voted best on ground. They did look painful though. 

The only thing left really is ‘Churn’ at the Adelaide Central Markets this Friday the 30th November from 5-7.30pm. Celebrated butter maker Pepe Saya is in town and teaming up with Nigel Rich from McLaren Vale restaurant ‘The Elbow Room’ and Winemakers Without Borders for a free tasting and tucker. Ian from cellar door will be on duty, owing to a mother’s league netball injury for Louise. Time to hang up the boots? No!