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Australia New Zealand Organic Wine Show Results 2011

Battle of Bosworth had some great results at this years Organic Wine Show. The newly released 2011 ‘Puritan’ Shiraz {no added preservative} won Gold and Award for Best Preservative Free Wine, as well as  being the highest pointed Shiraz in the competition.

The 2009 White Boar won a silver, as did the 2010 Battle of Bosworth Shiraz. The 2010 Battle of Chardonnay scored a bronze ‘bitter almond, scorched nut, complex’ as did the 2010 Spring Seed ‘Four O’clock’ Chardonnay ‘light, well judged, powdery, chalky, lemony – nice line of acid. citrus style’ I think with those comments the judges really meant to award a silver?

The Australia / New Zealand Organic Wine Show is the only annual organic wine show dedicated to the judging and promotion of certified organic and biodymanic wines from Australia and New Zealand. The first show was held in 2005 and has since grown steadily seeing an exciting upward trend in the quality of wines being entered and new vineyards coming onto the scene.

Only fully certified or in-conversion, organic and biodymanic wines can be entered. This means that the whole process, from growing the grapes through to the bottling has been checked and certified by a recognised certifying body in Australia or New Zealand. Chief of Judges is Max Allen, and his report of the show can be seen on his blog www.realaustralianwines.blogspot.com