Santos Tour Down Under 2015 – Taste the Tour

Watch Bozzie and the Battle of Bosworth crew casually eat Christmas lunch while being filmed for footage that was shown around Australia and the world during the Tour Down Under bike race. Joch has clearly missed his calling. Talent will out…

Vineyard ops

The James Busby Tour group 2013 gets to see Leon perform under vine mounding on the Hill Shiraz – a post dodge ploughing operation integral to our organic viticulture. Well done Leon.

Battle Of Bosworth

Eat Stay and Play Segment from a couple of years ago. Boz looks younger and fresher there that’s for sure.

Wine Review: Battle of Bosworth Chardonnay McLaren Vale 2010 Episode 144

A great review by Dan Coward from Spitbucket for our 2010 Battle of Bosworth Chardonnay.

Wine Review: Battle of Bosworth Clarence Sticky Late Picked Semillon 2010 Episode 142

Spitbucket has been going mad for Battle of Bosworth recently. This is a great review (93 points) from Dan Coward for the inaugural ‘Clarence’ Sticky Semillon 2010, which is our first ever tilt at a dessert wine.

Jock Bosworth of Battle Of Bosworth Wines

Our Hong Kong importer Lillian of North East Wine and Spirits, her husband and friends came for a visit last month (September in fact, where does the time go?) and made a video of Joch in cellar door being blisteringly frank about the challenges of the 2011 vintage. North East’s YouTube channel is called Wine ‘n Thing. North East have been handling Battle of Bosworth into HK for some years now, and do a sterling job. Nice to finally meet you Lillian!