Other News

Vintage count down

It’s that time again. You can hear the dreaded starlings making their high pitched keening whine, Australia Day is nearly here and the old yellow UR harvester has emerged from the harvester shed (imaginative, eh?!) to have its post -Xmas, pre-vintage service. (Don’t be fooled by the paintwork, she’s like an oiled racing machine underneath.) Yes, vintage 2015 #V2015 or harvest is nearly here!

Ian and Spence and UR

You can see Ian ‘Slippery’ Adams and Spencer ‘the Cable Guy’ Lee gearing themselves up both mentally and physically for the off. They are like coiled tigers, ready for the APB to go out on the vineyard walkie talkie after which they will leap into action. Oh yes. In other news we had a welcome 25mm (an inch in the old money) of rain a week and a half ago which was very welcome.

Rain Jan 2015


More news from the winery and vineyards as and when I get it.