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New member of Staff at Battle of Bosworth and Spring Seed Wines

I know, I know, it’s shallow and trite, putting up a photo of this cute fluffy dog, but i’m going to do it anyhow. Wombat the Groodle marks our third attempt at owning a dog, and that as much as her fluffy coat and curly whiskers ensures she goes up on the News and Events noticeboard.  

Wombat is a Golden Retriever crossed with a Poodle, and she hails all the way from Naracoorte in the South East of the state. We are hoping against hope that she likes us more than Rosie the gorgeous Italian Maremma did, and remains around the house or at cellar door,  rather than high tailing it off to the golf course to meet up with her golfing chums at every opportunity.

Come down to cellar door and meet young Wombat, fingers crossed she will be mooching about the place looking unbearably cute.