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Battle of Bosworth Cellar Door to Open 7 Days a Week

News hot off the press is that our cellar door will open 7 days a week as of Wednesday the 1st October! Exciting news for us – and far easier for you, our wonderful cellar door customer. I think we were becoming a little like the Southern expressway when it still went one way from Adelaide to McLaren Vale, and then changed for traffic to go the other way; no-one was exactly sure when we were open. (For those not familiar with this phenomenon, read more about it here). When the Expressway finally began to allow traffic to travel both ways AT THE SAME TIME (wild concept, eh?) we knew it was time for us to move with the times too.

Cellar door 3 March 2012 smaller

Now there can be no confusion – someone will be here in cellar door every day from 11am-5pm. We were noticing more and more cars driving up the drive past the CLOSED sign on our ‘off’ days and then their sad faces as they drove back down the driveway. It has taken us 3 years since opening the cellar door in August 2011 to reach this stage, that and plenty of persuasion from Roxie who works here…she’s always had this plan in the back of her mind, and she plays a long game! Well done Roxie.

Ian Adam open fermenter cool down 2014


We look forward to seeing you up here soon. Cheers, Louise.

And PS, just because we can, here’s that photo (above) of Ian cooling off in the bucket. Worth remembering this technique as summer approaches.