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Battle of Bosworth 2011 ‘Puritan’ Shiraz {no added preservative} just released at Cellar door

The Puritan {no added preservative} Shiraz is the follow on vintage of our inaugural 2010 Battle of Bosworth Preservative Free Shiraz. The Puritan is now available for tastings and sales in cellar door. Why the name change? Really just to confuse history scholars out there who will question the jump from the 15th Century (Battle of Bosworth was in 1485) to the era of Protestant extremism in the 16th and 17th Centuries. We have used ‘Puritan’ in its modern sense of ‘one who is extremely fussy or particular or one who insists on precision or correctness’, rather than as the antonym of hedonism. We know how to have fun here at Battle of Bosworth.