Wining Pom 12th November 2012

Best of Vintage 2010


‘Here’s a wine I looked forward to trying, Bosworth have done some great wines in 2010 so a chance to try them combined as a wine that pays its respect to the favourable conditions bestowed on the Organic Cabernet, Shiraz and a dollop of Petit Verdot for good measure. The core of Cabernet is varietal with vital blackcurrant with hints of licorice and coffee. The palate is rich and expressive with amazing fruit intensity supplemented by spice, hints of olive, earth and dark chocoalate. It shows immense concentration with a spicy finish that is balanced and firm acids ensure it has the ability to age. Best of vintage indeed, take a bow Mr Bosworth, this is a wine with immense appeal.’

Patrick Haddock the Wining Pom

Score: 93+