The Wining Pom Patrick Haddock

Shiraz 2008

Every time I want comfort without thinking I head for certain wines in the cellar that I know will match my mood. I call this my Battle of Bosworth moment. I’ve drunk this wine several times in the last year but kept forgetting to write a note because I kind of feel that it’s the kind of wine I just want to share with myself, either that or I’m just completely lazy.

It’s the Vale in a snapshot, distinctive, atavistic, terroir laden Shiraz unadulterated by chemicals.

It’s the organic buzz without the bandwagon, winemaking not done to make a statement, it’s done because it just feels right. It smells of  blackberry compote and fruits of the forest and choc malt, some spice characters as well.  The palate is a doona of comforting black fruit, a cloak of tannin and a tailored suit of acids. To put it simply this is comfort drinking of the highest order.