‘Explore wine’s light red districts’ Courier Mail 2nd November 2010 Tony Love

Preservative Free Shiraz 2010

THERE’S a pretty clear case at this time of the year for drinking more medium-bodied and lighter-alcohol reds such as pinot noir.

Take the next logical step several winemakers have and you also can catch the wave of 2010 reds already out and about enjoying the sunshine. They’re obviously young and vibrant with few similarities to the big robust reds we usually drink.

McLaren Vale’s Battle of Bosworth 2010 Shiraz ($20) is a vibrant crimson with raspberry licorice aromas and spicy sweet fruit flavours. A gem, and organic and preservative-free to boot.

Preservative-free wines are another trend to note. …..the future of these new vintage and preservative-free reds depends on them being very good wines in their own right, rather than being a fad.

That’s where the Battle of Bosworth 2010 Shiraz comes into its own.

It is bright and breezy and very easy drinking with fresh clear flavours. After deciding he wanted to make a young, drink-now style wine, Joch Bosworth realised he didn’t need the usual sulphur dioxide preservative as long as he got it into a screw cap bottle as soon as the wine had become stable after its secondary fermentation process, preventing as much contact with oxygen as possible.

“It was the style of the wine that came first, for me, and the preservative-free aspect came second,” Joch says.”The important thing is it’s a good McLaren Vale shiraz,” he says.”Everything else follows after that.”