20 Top Australia Chardonnays from www.matchingfoodandwine.com by Fiona Beckett Jan 2012

Chardonnay 2010

‘I’m a born-again chardonnay lover since returning from Australia last month. Did the sun go to my head? I don’t think so. Australia now produces some of the most gorgeous, seductive, beautifully balanced chardonnays I’ve tasted. Not cheap, mind you, but in comparison to some of the white burgundies I’ve been tasting this week, great value.Anyway, here’s the pick of the wines I got to try, organised by region, I don’t do scores, though I obviously have personal preferences. They wouldn’t be in this list if I didn’t think they were good. 

Slightly funky chardonnay in the natural wine mould though winemaker Joch Bosworth does employ sulphur as needed. Loads of creamy, leesy texture. More than a third of the first vintage of Penfold’s Yattarna came from the same now organically cultivated vineyard