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June 2010

It seems a long time since my last communication given that it is now nearly the end of the FY and I last wrote before Christmas. We have undertaken a bit of upgrading of our newsletter and order form as you can see, which is very exciting. Our new online order system allows you to place your order online and send your credit card details to me securely. We have not quite made the leap to taking payment online: one step at a time here at BoB and SS. For the traditionalists it is still possible to download the order form from the websites ( and and fax or mail or email through to us here on 08 8556 4881.

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Meanwhile, I will attempt a quick round-up of happenings here at the vineyard.

Vintage 2010
Joch appears very pleased with the quality of the 2010 vintage, smug almost when you ask him about the Shiraz. Chardonnay was much reduced in quantity owing largely to that burst of November heat which interfered with flowering, but the quality seems great. Joch is working on a splendid 100% Chardonnay which will luxuriate on some fine French oak; I will of course keep you up to date on that project. If you are interested in the process of vintage, I have catalogued it on the Facebook site, do have a look (and become my friend).

We have seen quite a few visitors here at the vineyards since Christmas, including Louise's mother over for Peggy's 3rd birthday extravaganza. We had a visit from our US importer of Spring Seed Wines, Ben Hammerschlag of Epicurean Wines and his offsider Dave Forziati and a customer of theirs from Florida, Dave Mokha. Dave runs the food and beverage side of the luxurious Fontainebleau Hotel in Miami Beach, Florida, once the hang out of the rat pack in the 60's. For those who saw the James Bond movie Goldfinger on Channel 7 recently, the fancy curved hotel where Goldfinger was playing cards is none other than the Fontainebleau.

Poms on Tour

Poms on Tour
February saw Battle of Bosworth with 10 other McLaren vale wineries  hosting 'Wine Flight Reunion' a 40-strong group of UK retailers, wholesalers and restaurateurs who were here en masse in 1992 (and 2000) and who came back to see what we've been up to in the interim. We caught up with old friends, journalist Robert Joseph, Andrew Darwin from AD Fine Wines, and Oz Clarke, well-known wine commentator who with James May from Top Gear, co-hosts a wine travel program Big Wine Adventure.

At the end of March, Joch and Louise managed to snag a babysitter in order to go and meet Alder Yarrow, the original wine blogger from San Francisco (have a look at his blog site We had an entertaining dinner at Doug's Victory Hotel and thanks to Doug's new wireless broadband, Alder was able to taste and blog as he went. We showed Alder our Spring Seed wines and some White Boar Shiraz as well.

Staying on the social media theme (you know how I love Twitter and Facebook) Joch had dinner in Sydney with Gary Vaynerchuk from the Wine Library, which is a wine store in New Jersey, USA. Gary has embraced social media to the 'nth degree and is probably most famous for his daily wine video blog, Wine Library TV. (Have a look at Gary has some 800,000 followers on Twitter, which is a lot, and he is really popular – his followers are known as 'Vayniacs'. Watch right to the end of episode 844 to see Joch's name on the Sherrin football that was presented to Gary by Wine Australia's Paul Henry.

Banana Republic

Banana Republic
In April we hosted the entire cast of our Queensland distributors, The Wine Tradition (which sells Battle of Bosworth) and Cuttings Wine (which looks after Spring Seed). They were in great form, under the leadership of ex-SANFL player David Sanders, Tod Williams, and Mel Thompson legendary Queensland industry man. A quick tour of the vineyards, a tasting of current and upcoming vintages and a Panini du jour from 3 Monkeys Providore in Willunga and then we packed all 11 of them into a tiny Hiace van and waved them off to their next destination, the Coonawarra.

We had a brief visit from Tastevin who distribute Spring Seed Wines in Idaho, lead by owners Steve and Melissa Thies. We repaired to the magnificent Victory Hotel for a tasting and a feast and both Joch and Louise thoroughly enjoyed a mid-week outing without the kids…a bit too much possibly.

Away games
Joch slipped over to Vietnam for a week to catch up with Alex Sitaru from our new importers, World of Senses, and appears to have had a lovely week staying at a couple of luxurious 5 star resorts called Sixth Sense. He appears to have managed to get himself out of the spa or pool for long enough to do a few wine dinners, and visit some local restaurants and retailers over there.

FP ShirazWines
Since our last communiqué we have new vintage wines released:  2009 War of the Rosé, as well as the 2009 Battle of Bosworth Sauvignon Blanc. We are also onto the new vintage of the Spring Seed 'Scarlet Runner' Shiraz. This was bottled in late April and looks splendid. We are rapidly running out of the 2008 Battle of Bosworth Shiraz and 2008 Battle of Bosworth Cabernet Sauvignon, and in fact have already bottled the 2009 vintage of these wines in anticipation of this. We have a new wine which is the 2010 Battle of Bosworth Preservative Free Shiraz. Retailing at $20.00, this wine has been made WITHOUT the use of the preservative sulphur dioxide. Sulphur dioxide has been used in winemaking as long as people have been fermenting grapes, making wines and drinking them, but we have made this fresh, vibrant un-wooded style without it. A delicious wine, Bozzie. Order it online HERE.

Future Wines
Look out later in the year for yet another new Battle of Bosworth wine. We will be releasing a 'sticky wine' or a pudding wine, as they say in the UK. Made from some 2010 Semillon, the grapes were affected by 'Noble Rot' or Botrytis cinerea, which is a naturally occurring fungus which proliferates in the vineyard during humid conditions. The net effects of this fungal activity are shriveled, brown-ish grapes. In itself, this does not sound awfully attractive, but if you ignore the look and focus on the delicious sweet tasting wine, you'll get the idea. And of course, being under the Battle of Bosworth label, this dessert wine is made using grapes that have been organically grown and certified.

Order your Battle of Bosworth and Spring Seed online HERE.

SignsAt long last Battle of Bosworth has a very attractive winery sign on the main road coming into McLaren Vale near the McLaren Vale Visitor Centre. By chance we are next to old friend d'Arenberg, where Louise worked early on in her marketing and sales career. The Bosworth kids love the sign and scream out 'Battle of Bosworth' every time we drive past, which is not necessarily a good thing.

Cellar Door Update
Not a huge change in the situation from the last newsletter. The shed still look like it did before Christmas. Vintage got in the way of progress a little. We are expecting some progress in the next few months. We do have planning and building approval so the big hurdles have been jumped. Watch this space.

MJDecorations and Dispatches
The 2008 BoB Shiraz was awarded SILVER at the 2010 Decanter World Wine Awards, which is really pleasing. The 2008 Battle of Bosworth Cabernet Sauvignon has been named in UK wine journalist Matthew Juke's Top 100 wines for 2010 which is terrific ( )

Typically exuberant Jukes tasting note for the 2008 Cabernet Sauvignon 'Joch grows some of the purest and most luscious Cabernet fruit in the Vale and it is these astounding raw materials that ensure that his wines have immense integrity and appeal.' 

The Big Red Wine Book 2010/ 2011: Campbell Mattinson and Gary Walsh’s Big Red Wine Book featured 3 Battle of Bosworth wines which is very pleasing. The 2007 White Boar scored 93 points (‘impressive stuff’), the 2008 Cabernet Sauvignon also scored 93 points. Gary and Campbell reckon we have ‘nailed’ this release, and think the wine is ‘worth every cent’. The 2008 Shiraz Viognier scored 92 points and was described as a ‘velvet glove kind of wine …..with a lovely fragrance.’  These wines are still available.

We hope this newsletter finds you well. Please do try our new online order system, and order some of our wine – a free bottle of the wine of my choice if someone finds a chink in the system! Please contact us at the vineyards if you have any queries, or even better, use the telephone and speak to us in person on 08 8556 2441. Keep up the good work in justifying my continuing obsession with Facebook and Twitter and become Battle of Bosworth's friends, fans and followers at  and


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