December 2010

Welcome to the final chronicles of Bosworth
before Christmas


We have a new member of staff, Roxanne Reynolds, who joined us a month or so ago. She has made it her goal to have cellar door open before the end of February. We salute her determination, as patently Joch and I have failed to move things along over the last year! Welcome Roxie.

The vineyards enjoyed their wet winter and it shows. I am not sure if we have reached our annual average rainfall, but it feels like it. Spring has seen more rain than I can remember in recent years. Joch tells me that crop estimates (not sure how exact a science this is) for Shiraz is down, but we will soon find out, as it feels like vintage 2011 is just around the corner.

The cellar door saga continues, although an end is in sight. We have decided to locate Battle of Bosworth and Spring Seed Wines’ cellar door at the Bosworth HQ on Gaffney Road, Willunga, and are in the middle of the back and forth with the council over plans. We are going to use ‘the Folly’ as cellar door. The Folly is the same vintage as the house (approx early 1840s), and was renovated about 15 years ago by Joch’s parents. It currently houses my mother when she comes over from the UK, as well as various friends and interstate and overseas visitors. I am going to have to buy mother a tent for her next trip in April, as we are hoping to be open by the end of February. Council insists that we upgrade the ‘facilities’, and so we are going to build a state of the art composting dunny -  which I hope does not become our best-known feature. Updates to follow as they occur.

Joch was dispatched to the USA and UK in September to go forth and multiply sales and talk the Spring Seed talk in the US and Battle of Bosworth in the UK. He touched down in LA briefly before heading to home of his fave TV series, Baltimore (The Wire) and then onto NY. He went to a college football game in LA, stayed in the legendary Chelsea Hotel in NY (probably most famous for that Sex Pistols incident) and apparently sold quite a lot of Spring Seed. The UK is still suffering from the fall-out from the GFC, but Joch seemed to move successfully about the country doing dinners, tastings and generally getting out with Linda, Emmanuel and Adrian from our importers Vintage Roots, moving from Scotland to Bournemouth and many places in between.

2010 has been a good year for our wines getting out and about all over the world. The 2008 Spring Seed Chardonnay was one of 12 Australian wines featured in Wholefoods Markets, the deluxe American natural organic grocery chain (approx 258 country-wide) in March and April 2010. The Spring Seed wines (Shiraz and Chardonnay) are about to land into Ireland to be dispensed by old mate Ian Dornan from Simply Wines Warehouse  - it’s all about timing, of course, isn’t it? Thankfully the Irish government has decided to take the $$$ from England of all places (and plenty more from Europe) to secure things financially before the wines land. The 2008 Cabernet Sauvignon has been pouring as Wine of the Month at the Hong Kong Jockey Club which is great exposure, and ‘Four O’clock’ Chardonnay was listed by the glass at Terroir Wine Bar in NY – and I got a tweet about this from McLaren Vale born and bred Joel Amos, ex-colleague of mine and sometime wine salesman, DJ and architect of the original Battle of Bosworth website, who was over in NY eating and DJ’ing. He was as impressed as a fellow under 30 can be.

Max AllenThe honourable members of the fourth estate have been kind to us this year. In his new book ‘The Future Makers. Australian Wines for the 21st Century’ (published by Hardie Grant), Max Allen gives a whole page over to Joch and Battle of Bosworth wines, calling him ‘the most important organic winemaker in Australia’. Tony Love featured young red wines in an article ‘Light red districts’ in the Courier Mail. Our 2010 Preservative Free Shiraz gets a great mention: ….‘But the future of these new vintage and preservative-free reds depends on them being very good wines in their own right, rather than being a fad. That's where the Battle of Bosworth 2010 Shiraz comes into its own. It is bright and breezy and very easy drinking with fresh clear flavours…it. is a vibrant crimson with raspberry licorice aromas and spicy sweet fruit flavours. A gem, and organic and preservative-free to boot.’

Enterprising Pom Tim Wildman MW and his James Busby Travel group arrived in McLaren Vale in October from the UK on a whirlwind two week tour of the wine regions of Victoria and South Australia. A distinguished group of restaurateurs, sommeliers, retailers and one MW student, they paid part of their costs to come over to see if there is more to Australian wines than ‘critter’ wines. I think they went away pretty convinced that there is. Battle of Bosworth, Chalk Hill, Ulithorne, Rudderless, Noons and SC Pannell wines banded together at the magnificent Victory Hotel for a night of excellent food and tasting. The bravest of the group volunteered for early reveille next day to go squid fishing with Bosworth, Harvey and co. A follow up to the trip has been a couple of visits chez Bosworth from a couple of the gang who are still hanging around - Berenice (from Malta) who is doing an internship in the Coonawarra, and Donald (seen here in full Mo-vember fuzz with Krusty the Clown) who is still tasting his way around.

Battle of Bosworth and Spring Seed have had a massive year in 2010 gong-wise – we got three! There is barely room in the house (or the cellar door in waiting) to put them. On top of the 201 SA Wine Awards for the 2010 Preservative Free Shiraz (Professional Judges Award) and the 2009 Cabernet Sauvignon (Consumer Judges Award) the 2009 Scarlet Runner Shiraz snagged a Food and Wine Award at the 2010 McLaren Vale Wine Show. The award was presented at the annual Winemakers Luncheon, which was held on a rainy Friday in October at Leconfield wines. Christine Guibert (the tasting Director of UK’s Decanter Magazine) chose the 2008 Battle of Bosworth Shiraz as the Best New World Organic Wine in The UK's Independent newspaper (8 November 2010.) She sensibly chose 'naturally fermented wines that taste great, protect the planet and avoid pesky pesticides which ruin the quality of the grape.'

2010 has been a busy year. We released the 2010 Preservative Free Shiraz back in June (and of course you might remember have had some great press for this wine), we now have the 2010 Spring Seed ‘Forget-me-not’ Sauvignon Blanc Semillon which was bottled recently. We will be releasing the 2009 Battle of Bosworth ‘White Boar’ (our nod to the Italian Amarone wine style) and the 2010 Battle of Bosworth Chardonnay (Joch’s ‘flash’ Chardy project) in March 2011, as well as our 2010 Sticky Semillon. We have also moved onto the 2009 Chardonnay Viognier which was awarded a silver medal at this year’s Australia and New Zealand Organic Wine Show. Chief of Judges Max Allen called the 2009 CV ‘vibrant, full-bodied, full of life and bright fruit’ on his Blog Please find the order page HERE.

It wouldn’t be Christmas if we didn’t offer you a present or two. We still have a little 2009 Rose and 2009 Battle of Bosworth Sauvignon Blanc around the place which we are delighted to offer at Father Christmas’s Special Price of $168.00 per case which equates to $14.00 a bottle, freight included (RRP is $18.00). If you purchase two cases of Rose or Sauvignon Blanc (or one of Rose and one of Sauvignon Blanc) Santa has sharpened his pencil even more, so that the 2 cases (including freight) will cost only $300.00 (which equates to $12.50 a bottle). Head to the order form HERE or download the order form at

Once again I ask you to keep in touch via Facebook and Twitter, although I have been noticeably quieter on both of these social media platforms this quarter. Less is sometimes more. Talking of which, please see the annual Bosworth Family Christmas photo. I am going to have to get Emily our photographer to be kinder with her Photoshop skills as Joch and I get older….Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year and we will be in touch in the new year.


Joch and Louise

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