Winery and vineyard

Winery and vineyard

Battle of Bosworth and Spring Seed Wines Cellar Door and Office
Postal: PO Box 11 McLaren Vale
South Australia 5171
Actual: Gaffney Road Willunga SA 5172

Mobile: 0414 377 414
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Joch Bosworth
Wines and Vines
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Louise Hemsley-Smith
Sales Export and Marketing
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Roxanne Deacon
Administration and Office

Nairn Webb

Bronwyn Lock

Emma Loretan

What you think of us

We just wanted to thank you very much for existing. I found your wine in a local boutique wine cellar in Sydney CBD late last year and cannot get enough. The Poppy Pinot Grigio is to die for. My best girl friend and I are such a fan of your wine that we are going to make a trip down to your vineyard sometime this year. So look out for two extremely excited city girls.
Belinda Baker and Jane Meakins, NSW


Return of the Sweet White Duke… of Clarence

In another news (and apologies to the late David Bowie’s Thin White Duke) I can announce the imminent return of the Battle of Bosworth ‘Clarence’ Sticky Semillon from the 2017 vintage. After a break of some 6 years, conditions were… Read more

The Joch Bosworth hero shot

A hero shot is defined in the urban dictionary as ‘A shot of a thing or person with framing, composition, lighting and setting intended to make it look as good as possible.’ Well, you can only work with what you… Read more

Spring Seed Sparklings

And just for something completely different and because Joch doesn’t think we have nearly enough wines, we are looking forward to introducing you to the Gypsy and the Wanderer (or the Itinerant, as our QLD distributors have already nicknamed it).… Read more

2015 Battle of Bosworth Chardonnay

We released the 2015 Battle of Bosworth Chardonnay on the weekend just gone. This is the 6th vintage of this wine and I gather from the murmurings I have heard from both Joch and Nairn, the best one yet. Available… Read more

Ola, Bosworth Touriga Nacional!

At the risk of becoming like my former much-loved employer, d’Arenberg, we have a new wine here at Bosworth Wines. Welcome to the Tourigal Nacional,  Portuguese by birth, but happily transplanted here in Australia and thriving on Denton’s block on… Read more

Vintage count down

It’s that time again. You can hear the dreaded starlings making their high pitched keening whine, Australia Day is nearly here and the old yellow UR harvester has emerged from the harvester shed (imaginative, eh?!) to have its post -Xmas,… Read more

We Won a Trophy!

Great news from Friday the 31st October’s 42nd Annual Bushing Lunch, where all the trophies and awards were announced from the McLaren Vale Wine Show – our new Spring Seed ‘Morning Bride’ Rosé won a Gold Medal and Trophy for… Read more

2012 Battle Shiraz now available

We have just released the new vintage of the Battle of Bosworth Shiraz, the 2012 wine. This is shaping up to be a fantastic wine and has already received a whopping 95 points from James Halliday in his 2015 Wine… Read more

2014 Puritan Shiraz is an Advertiser Top 100 Wine

The newly released 2014 Battle of Bosworth ‘Puritan’ Shiraz has made it into the Adelaide Advertiser’s  Top 100 wine line-up, compiled by Tony Love, in the ‘Light Red’ section. The comment on the wine is as follows: ‘Organically grown and,… Read more

ABC Rural Radio segment on Sips in the Sticks

Well, I tried. The dessert I made for the Sips in the Sticks luncheon held recently at Sue Bell’s historic Glen Roy shearing shed in Coonawarra was unplaced. I am already working on strategy for next year’s event, when apparently… Read more

Battle of Bosworth a Halliday 5 Star Winery

We are pretty pleased that in his most recent Australian Wine Companion, James Halliday has awarded Battle of Bosworth Wines a 5 Star Rating, which according to the books legend makes us an ‘outstanding winery capable of producing Read more

New vintage ‘Puritan’ Shiraz 2013 available

In a  remarkable feat of getting organised, we have bottled and released the newest vintage of the ‘Puritan’ Shiraz, a wine we make without adding any preservatives. This is the 4th vintage of this unoaked , lighter styled red, and… Read more


Is that the time? Christmas 2016

Well it’s almost time for last orders at the bar here at Battle of Bosworth for 2016 and what do we have to show for it? Water, that’s what, and lots of it. We had rain in epic, almost biblical proportions this winter, a far cry from last winter which was the polar (excuse vague weather/ climate pun) opposite. In fact, the rain has kept coming even this far into spring, almost summer. It can stop any time it likes now. See Celia doing some thoughtful wading just in front of the harvester shed.


In staff news we have had some movement here at Bosworth. We were sad to see Crème Brûlee the cream rooster leave us unexpectedly one night after someone forgot to lock the chickens in.  However we quickly found a replacement via the miracle of Facebook, and so a big welcome (and a bucket load of good luck) to Papa Lazeroo who started almost the next day. He is a mixed breed with a hint of Wyandotte, for chook aficianados. As for the name, League of Gentlemen fans will know exactly what I’m talking about, and shudder.


Bron the book keeper had a ripper of a result at the Barmera Murray(Wo)Man competition held in the Riverland, a half ironman type triathlon which involves running, cycling and swimming (in open water) ludicrous distances. Bron took the trophy in her age category, and obviously we don’t ask what that category was now do we? Big ups Bron!


Well the wind has changed and like a cross between the swallows of summer and Mary Poppins, we have lost dodge plough master Leon Koch to the grain harvest up on the Eyre Peninsula, or was it the Yorkes? Anyhow, we look forward to seeing you again soon Leon when the wind changes once again.


We have had plenty of visitors in the last few months, and at the same time both Joch and I spread our wings and went a-visiting. Joch headed off to Japan for a look-see and spent time with Shunji our importer in Tokyo and Osaka. He helped man the stand at the Wine Australia/ Austrade Grand Wine Tasting in Tokyo too. He really enjoyed the food and as you can see if you look past Shunji here, looks like he’s been enjoying the sake too! Thanks for looking after him and sending him home safely Shunji, we do worry a little when we let Joch loose.


I went to Hong Kong to catch up with our importers and do a few dinners and tastings, but sadly fell sick over there (not alcohol related) and was confined to the hotel room before shuffling back home to spend some time being waited on hand and foot in bed for a week (Joch loved that). I did manage to catch up with James Busby alumni Zachary Yu at one tasting, before I retired off the field, hurt.


Here’s the dinner I would have been doing had I been match fit! Sorry to the team at North East for piking, and for Darren Rathbone for standing you up!


Tim Wildman MW and his international team of wine people on the James Busby tour arrived for some organic instruction and tasting. Naturally enough, we loaded them onto the grape trailer with 1930’s pews as seating and trundled off to Chanticleer and Dutchmans blocks to taste the single vineyard wines produced from those vines. Tim said a little prayer for us, which was answered – perfect weather.


We then went back to cellar door for more tasting and Joch and I were introduced to dabbing (a term my kids are familiar with) – it’s all the rage with young folk I gather. Here’s the Wiki definition ‘… a dance move in which the dancer simultaneously drops the head while raising an arm and the elbow in a gesture that has been noted to resemble sneezing’ Awesome. My kids saw the video of us doing a group ‘dab’ and screamed incredulously. Here we all are ‘dropping the mic’. You google it. Cool, eh?


Laura Jewell MW and Mark Davidson from Wine Australia brought a terrific group of WSET students (past and present) from all over the place, and Joch gave them a very in depth look at organic viticulture and sustainability.


The flies were shocking and it was pretty humid but everyone cheered up after a home made scone (my pleasure) and a drone flying session. The drone never fails to entertain. Questions about the legality of flying it without a license or night flying were quickly brushed off. Joch had also attended a Shiraz speed tasting for the same WSET people where he showed off the 2016 Puritan and the 2014 Bosworth Shiraz. That’s Gary Schueller from the USA testing Joch’s knowledge. I think Bozzie is making something up there, look at his face.


We all went off to the annual Mclaren Vale winemakers lunch (the proper name is way too long – but I hereby acknowledge all of our wonderful viticulturists, and the tourism operators!) and had a ball. We were hoping for a trophy with our 2016 Battle of Bosworth Touriga Nacional, but got pipped by a Montepulciano. Still, we are very happy that the 2016 Touriga got a gold medal, as it is only it’s 3rd vintage. So fresh and floral. The 2016 Graciano got a bronze as did the 2016 Spring Seed Rose. Below you can see the girls from BoB – and Woody.


The worst dressed award was fiercely contested but I think Joch carried it home with his stunning and utterly authentic Hawaiian shirt. Runner up was my former boss Zar Brooks from Dandelion Vineyards with a stained polo shirt. Class was bought to the photo by the glamorous lady to the left, who was she?


The theme of the lunch was Agriculture so there were a couple of Kubota tractors parked up, but someone left the keys in them. I can’t quite see who that is stepping out of one of them.


When we went back next day to collect my ute we found a mysterious crop circle. Donut anyone? Very funny to watch.


Finally a good news story in that we have made a small move back into the USA market. We have just shipped a small consignment of Puritan Shiraz over to California where it will be making its debut on the shelves of Raley’s Family of Fine Stores, a family owned high end group of stores located all over California and some in Nevada too. Raley’s just won 2016 retailer of the year award in Wine Enthusiast Magazine. I hope the new political arrangements in the USA are conducive to our market foray!


We have some new vintage wines in cellar door which are well worth a visit to try – namely the 2016 Spring Seed Rose, the 2016 Sauvignon Blanc, the soon to be released 2013 White Boar and 2016 Bosworth Chardonnay. So many wines….

Best wishes for the end of year and over Christmas and we look forward to seeing you at cellar door (open every day other than Xmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day) or hearing from you.

Cheers Joch and Louise.



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